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Whirlpool Marketing Book

World renowned academic and leading thinker, Professor Hans Von Puppet talks about Ric Willmot’s next book: Whirlpool Marketing.

Mastering Referrals

In Brisbane on July 18 Ric Willmot presented his Nearly-Free Workshop for Successful Business. This video snippet is an excerpt from the day at The College of Law.

Everyone agrees that referral business is great business.
Everyone agrees they should be asking for referrals.
Hardly anybody does it properly or consistently.

Ric Willmot’s Whirlpool Marketing encourages and teaches how to build a referral generation machine. In this video snippet from a Whirlpool Marketing Workshop, he explains some of the nuances to referrals in business.

Thinking Skills & Ambiguity

Our education system has trained us to NOT to want to be wrong. But the fear of being wrong limits our ability to think with creativity, innovation and imagination.

Behavioural economics explains that we would rather be precisely wrong than moderately right.

The Chinese have two lions on pillars outside of every temple of worship. These temples are where the people go to seek wisdom and enlightenment. The names of those two lines, that you must pass through before reaching the temple, are called: “Doubt” and “Confusion”.

The Chinese understand that before you can find wisdom and enlightenment you must first pass through doubt and confusion.

The lesson for us in business is that we need to become more comfortable with ambiguity; willing to sometimes be wrong; and, willing to be only moderately right when we are attempting to be innovative and creative.

Be Careful What You Believe

Don’t believe everything you hear. Self-proclaimed business experts and gurus love to hear the sound of their own voice, almost as much as they love you listening to their voice. The problem is, many self-proclaimed business experts get it wrong.

You need to discriminate about who’s opinion you accept. After all, it’s your business at risk.

Challenge conventional and limited thinking; break free of mediocrity and stand out from the crowd by understanding and implementing Executive Wisdom.

Price vs Value

Here is a video of Ric live in front of an audience, where in just 60 seconds he brings great clarity to the incorrect thinking of price sensitivity.

Ric’s Workshops & Colleges

You will learn the strategies and principles adopted by the world’s top professionals and industry performers.

Participate in interesting exercises that demonstrate the techniques learned and the positive effects they have on profits.

Discover the strategies you can employ to drive your revenues, client numbers, and profits to even better levels.

Identify systems to streamline operations.

Increase your capacity to generate more business and higher revenues.

Plus, specific case studies, interactive sessions, heaps of pragmatic work, benchmarks, actions steps, brainstorming with your own team and much more!

Needs First – Price Second

Pricing is one of the most important keys to the success or otherwise of an enterprise. Yet it is frequently overlooked, understated or just done really poorly. Ric Willmot gives a brief insight into how we can think differently when engaging with prospective customers. At the start of this clip, Ric’s client, the CEO of Bradnam’s Windows & Doors speaks about the approach of one of his best franchise owners.

Mission Simple

Many organisations mistakenly believe that their Mission should be all encompassing and explain everything. The Mission should articulate the corporate objective in a simple manner that all stakeholders can comprehend and embrace. Ric Willmot gives a striking example of how to achieve this.

BMW-CEO Networking Day

Being a client of Ric Willmot has its advantages.

Sigmoid Strategy

Ric Willmot describes the sigmoid strategy concept at his 4-Day MBA held in Jakarta April 2011.

Service Offerings Profile

Ric Willmot is “The Strategist” assisting organisations to improve performance, profits and productivity. Most businesses are en route to destinations they don’t seek because of a strategy they haven’t set is taking them there. Ric Willmot helps clients to compare their desired strategy with what the actual strategy is and realign them and their people back to “true north”.

If you are not working with Ric, you may have a strategy by default that you are not even aware is driving your business. Hence, your tactical decisions, no matter how good, are wrong.

Ric Willmot’s work is sought after internationally in improving business growth, success and profits; and he is the go-to person for CEOs, senior executives, and professional service people practicing in law, accounting, financial services, consulting, recruitment, business coaching and alike. He doesn’t waste time on theory and all content is practical and immediately usable.

Ric Willmot is seen as the thought-leader for strategic business improvement. His intent is not just to improve your business, but to build firms which create wisdom and wealth. He works with CEOs, business owners, executives, partners, and managers to produce results.