10 Indicators of Teamwork

  1. You’re willing to accept any role that will benefit the team.
  2. You would rather score fewer individual goals and win the big game than scoring more individual goals and lose.
  3. When your team scores, you immediately congratulate your teammates.
  4. You enjoy the practice as much as you do the gameday.
  5. You respect the competition but you don’t fear them.
  6. You respect your coach; you’re willing to be coached, and you always listen.
  7. You’re aware of how your teammates are doing and will always offer to help.
  8. You’re willing to assist and coach a lesser experienced teammate.
  9. You learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others and implement lessons learned.
  10. You’re confident, self-assured and have good self-esteem. But you are not arrogant.


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