Managers Must Produce Increased Business Performance

Today we shared a fabulous session with business managers and leaders from East New Britain, Papua New Guinea. The learning program was sponsored by Certified Practicing Accountants Papua New Guinea.

The first time as a manager can be difficult, stressful, confusing, and daunting. Even after years in management, there are challenges facing seasoned middle managers. Management is complex and the obligations can be burdensome. Transitioning into management necessarily requires you to shift your focus and develop new skills. Transitioning further into leadership requires new ways of thinking and behaving.

During this professional development workshop, we examined and provided a thorough understanding of management and leadership. The delegates were educated in the tools for management success.

Some of the topics we investigated and learned about included:

  • How Managers Become Leaders
  • Be a Better Leader – Be Better to Yourself
  • Leading the Team You Inherit
  • Get Your Team to Do What it Says Its Going to Do
  • The Hidden Traps in Decision Making
  • Make Time for Work That Matters
  • Saving Rookie Managers from Themselves
  • The Focused Leader
  • What Great Managers Do

This program will be offered in Port Moresby and Lae in July 2017. Contact us for details and a registration form.