Work on Your Business Every Day

With over 200 graduates through my Coaching and Mentoring Program, you can understand that I am witness to commonalities in shortcomings, regularities in obstacles confronted, and similarities in approaches done poorly. Many of the mentoring delegates in the very beginning of their six months working with me, ask the same single question (although the wording may vary, the intent is exact):

“Where should I start to improve my business?”

Here are my Seven Steps to making everyday business, extraordinary:

  1. Know what it is you really want to be doing. Get some focus.
  2. Know who your REAL customers are. The one’s who generate significant revenues for you, provide you with referrals and recommendations, and who you enjoy working with. Get to know these customers, never give them an opportunity to forget you, and treat them very well.
  3. Stand out from the crowd. Be memorable for delivering significant value and for offering what your customers need that your competitors do not or cannot.
  4. Engage the very best people you can to partner with you. That is, your employees, your sub-contractors, your suppliers, etc. Get the best, so you can be at your best. Trying to save money in these areas is false economy to delivering exceptional value to your own customers.
  5. Build a brand. Be recognised for what you are.
  6. Continually measure performance, and not just your financial indicators. By measuring your performance you can check the results against the desired state and make adjustments on the go, rather than being blind-sided as your business withers through poor performance.
  7. Increase your sales team in your business. You can do this at no cost. Satisfied customers are your ultimate sales team. Ask for referrals, recommendations and testimonials from them, always.

Enjoy the success you deserve by treating your business with respect.


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