Cold Calls for Business

Cold calling business prospects with whom no previous contact has been made might generate new business. But it doesn’t make for an enjoyable way for you to do business.

I am not totally against cold-calling, but there must be a purpose. Here of five examples of telephone calls to business prospects that may work for you:

1. “Would you be the person in your organisation that would be interested in participating in a survey on best practices in the (insert appropriate word) field?”

2. “Would you like to receive our/my weekly/monthly e-zine for (insert appropriate word)?”

3. “We/I have just completed a report on (insert appropriate word) … would you like a complimentary copy?”

4. “I will be in your city/town/neighbourhood and since we have never met, but know of one another, I would love to come by and say hello … and (add something of value).”

5. “Mary, you don’t know me, but I am a consultant in the (insert appropriate word) industry, and I read in this months (insert appropriate word) News/Magazine that you were putting in a new (insert appropriate word). Before you do that, I think I can save you a lot of money. May I come by and tell you how next week?”

Do not say the usual boring stuff, e.g., “If you ever need an (insert appropriate word) consultant I am your person.” Your fingers will get tired of dialling before you get any real bites.

Nevertheless, the alternatives to cold calling are better. Cold calls work well when trying to “find” a possible customer, e.g., insurance, telephone service, air conditioning services … mostly commodity type services. However, the rejection rate is extraordinarily high.


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