Your business doesn’t need to be the cheapest

Not every customer is solely seeking the cheapest price on what you offer. Some customers are seeking out quality. That’s how Bentley, Ferrari, and Maserati do business; quality over price. There are customers who are looking for something unique; that’s how bespoke tailors and jewelers do business.

There are customers who are seeking options and like to create their order their way. Even fast food chains like Maccas have realised this. There are customers (like me) who demand excellent service and are willing to pay for it. There are customers who want it now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month. For these customers the speed of delivery is critical.

There are customers who prefer to have a relationship with suppliers and feel they can trust those suppliers to have their best interests in mind when making recommendations and suggestions.

Price, as the determining factor, is for those businesses who are too lazy or lack the imagination, ingenuity, quality, speed, or intelligence to create an offering worth paying for.


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