Do you know how you are producing value for your customers?

  • Do you comprehend the needs of your customers and not just their wants?
  • What are the key value drivers you provide?
  • How are your customers better today because they hired you yesterday?
  • How do you create genuine value for your customers?
  • Do you articulately communicate to your marketplace the value that you create?
  • Is the marketplace convinced of your value?
  • Are you competent?
  • Are you perceived as being competent by your target audience?
  • Are your customers convinced you are worth what you charge and do they gladly pay you that?
  • Are your pricing strategies effective?
  • How are you different and better than your nearest competitors?
  • Does your marketplace recognise those differences?
  • What are you doing today to improve your value?

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Initially published on October 18, 2011 on Ric Willmot’s Blog