What are you doing to improve your business?

What will you be doing today to attract more clients, increase revenues and build your business?

Here are eleven ways to do what has to be done to achieve those goals:

  1. Send a letter (not an e-mail, a letter in the post) to three potential clients that would gain value from your expertise.
  2. Make the three follow-up telephone calls to the three people you wrote letters to last week.
  3. Arrange to speak to a group of people. Some of my clients and mentees are professional speakers, so this is a no-brainer for them. However, accountants, lawyers, financial advisers, recruitment consultants, interior designers, HR consultants, etc., have wonderful ideas and unique concepts that would be of interest to a business group, rotary, networking club, etc. And, these groups are always looking for a speaker who can give an interesting twenty-minute talk to share tips and techniques that will assist their members.
  4. Public Relations. You do not necessarily need to hire the services of a PR person, although you may. You can create your PR by sponsoring an event that will put you in front of your target market, contributing a sample of your product, or offering a gift certificate for your services through a strategic alliance. There are a plethora of avenues to generate low-cost PR.
  5. Reach out laterally to an existing client. What can you do to provide an additional service or product to a current client. You know everything you do or can offer, but do your customers?
  6. Read a chapter of a book. Knowledge is a wonderful tool. It broadens your intellect, your vocabulary and makes you an interesting person to speak with because you have expanded your sphere of awareness.
  7. Attend a conference, seminar or training course.
  8. Write a press release that is interesting, or valuable, or provocative. It will then have a higher chance of being published.
  9. Leverage a trip. What else might you do, or who else could you visit? This is as appropriate whether you are traveling overseas, interstate, intrastate or just across town. Make an extra contact when you travel.
  10. Make a creative offer to an opportune prospect. Is there a potential piece of business that hasn’t crossed the line for you yet? How might you creatively entice the prospective customer to take action and write you a cheque?
  11. Learn or improve a skill. Improve your communication skills, get better at networking, learn more about Generation Y/Z/Millenial, mergers & acquisitions, etc. You get the idea.

Create your ideas and lists, but do something every single day that keeps the momentum building. You want to be riding a wave of good business not being dragged to sea by an undercurrent.

© Ric Willmot 2008 All rights reserved.