No.241: The Important Bits

Willmot's Weekly Wisdom

Fountain pens are without question the ideal writing instrument. The essential component is not the barrel or the ink; it is the nib.

What makes the best whisky* isn’t the barley, the pot stills, or the ageing. It is the quality and style of charcoal peat.

The best coffee gets its taste from the beans. If you start with lousy beans, it matters not how exceptional the grinder and machine, or how expert the barista, you will finish with lousy coffee.

The critical pieces to creating and sustaining a successful organisation are the people you employ. It’s not the buildings, technology, vehicles, manufacturing plants, policies, or procedures. It’s your people that make the corporation great.

So, why compensate for an inferior whisky by adding soda? Why buy a more expensive coffee machine instead of sourcing a great roaster? Why use outdated hiring methodologies, classified advertisements, and internet job boards? If you care about the quality of the outcomes; you must know about, care and invest in the important bits.


* Scots spell it without the ‘e’ because they believe more vowels waste good drinking time.

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”
— John D. Rockefeller