No.121: Guilt & Conformity

Weekly Wisdom 2012

Three Japanese tourists had to abandon their hire car in Moreton Bay, Queensland after they conformed to the instructions from the in-car GPS as they attempted to drive to North Stradbroke Island. The low tide and the navigation system lured them into the bay on Oyster Point at Cleveland.

Have you ever had a hunch that the GPS was incorrect, or at least not escorting you towards your objective along an efficient route? Have you ever disobeyed your navigation system? I have, and I confess I was emotionally uncomfortable doing it. I felt guilty of sorts not following directions.

When we reach the point where we cannot disobey a 7″ touchscreen in the dashboard of our vehicle, then you know we’re brainwashed. It’s okay—and possibly productive—to ignore the GPS systems, the bosses, the gurus, and other influencers in your life when you have more than a hunch that you might be the one who is right. Ignore them—and me—all you like.

We do not want to mimic lemmings be led to the sea.


11 AM Thursday, 15 March 2012


conformity and guilt

Two hours later as the tide came in

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”
— John F. Kennedy


Initially published 9 July 2012