Jump out of the blocks with positive urgency

“Let’s think about it.”
“Come back tomorrow with some suggestions.”
“Speak to Gayle and get her take on this.”

These all too familiar phrases slow down the speed of action. It’s not about taking imprudent risks. However, you do need to up the tempo. It’s easy to become complacent and allow time to be squandered through indecisiveness, or a lack of courage.

Elite track and field athletes and swimmers regularly train for that explosive jump out of the blocks to give them an advantage over the competition. We must do the same in organisational life. This style of behaviour is an attitude. The willingness and courage to attempt a style of thinking and acting that helps your organisation, department, unit, or team get an advantage and be out in front of the pack.

It’s a posture of positive urgency that becomes a way of doing business for your core customers and stakeholders. They will appreciate your effort. And, so will you as you come to appreciate the value it brings to the way you operate.