Preparing Your Marketing Strategy

In preparation for creating your marketing strategy here is a checklist of questions required to make the process efficient and valuable. Have you thought these issues through when developing your marketing strategy?

  • Who are your customers?
  • What services do you provide to them?
  • What proportion of your time is attributed to good marketing and sales efforts?
  • What percentage increase could your business handle without significant capital expenditure or increases in your numbers of employees?
  • How much growth or otherwise have you experienced in the last twelve months?
  • What growth do you expect this (financial) year?
  • What do you anticipate will contribute most to this growth?
  • What do you ultimately want out of your business and how do you plan to get it?
  • What are your customers biggest frustrations?
  • What problems are they solving when buying from you?
  • What is your biggest marketing challenge?

Before you spend money on advertising, social media, networking events, golf days, business breakfasts, etc., consider what should be your strategy. Implementing marketing tactics before you’ve established your plan is fallowed. The marketing tactics need to underpin and support the strategy.