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The concept of prioritising your day’s activities has been all but lost in the digital age. People consider that using the calendar function on their smartphones, laptops, computers, etc., is the same. It’s not. Proven by the fact that people never seem to be able to get everything done. Unless you take control and proactively commit to focusing your efforts on what is important, nothing will ever be completed in a timely manner. That’s why this year I have designed the Management Success Journal in the resources package provided as part of your tuition in attending the 4-Day MBA.

The advantages of paper-based management diaries include, but are not limited to:

  • You make diary entries quickly — much faster than on a digital device.
  • You see at a glance the appointments and meetings you have for the day.
  • You can take your diary with you when attending meetings allowing you access to so much information, easily.
  • I’ve designed the 4-Day MBA Management Success Journal to be the most suitable size for carrying with you to meetings, in the car, on the plane, at home, at work, etc.
  • No password required.
  • No internet, wireless, or Bluetooth required.
  • No battery or power is ever needed.
  • Can be used during take-off and landing in an aircraft.

The 4-Day MBA Management Success Journal is much more than a diary. It helps you command and control:

  • Daily goals and objectives.
  • Daily meetings and appointments.
  • Telephone calls and e-mails.
  • Action items and prioritisation of tasks.
  • Opportunities to follow-up.
  • Today’s Big Idea.
  • Where you made money with your time and where your time was spent on administrative or non-revenue producing activities.
  • Track prospects and sales.
  • Three most important monthly priorities.
  • Three most important monthly business projects.
  • That amazing and awesome idea for the month that will transform your organisation.

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